Well Hi! I’m Rachel.

Candid + Editorial Photographer

Lover of Moody Edits

Obsessed With Golden Hour

Nikon Gal



Mom of Three + Wife to a Hunky Contractor

Big into Following Jesus

Crazy About Cats + Chickens

Fan of Futurama + The Office

Light-Hearted + Goofy

Adaptable + Laid-Back

Extrovert Energy

Attentive + Warm



Finding a photographer is kind of like dating, to be honest. A mini session here with this one, an engagement shoot with that one, a maternity session with the other one. Speed dating with photographers, if you will. It’s easy to use a bunch of different photographers because we all have different areas of expertise, styles of editing, ways of shooting and our personalities really show in our work, and it can take you a while to find the right fit. Or perhaps you like trying out as many photographers as you can, and I think that’s really adventurous and fun! Maybe you’re here because you’re ready to try out someone new. Maybe you’re here because you’ve never had professional photography done and you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you have had professional photography done in the past but the experience or results weren’t what you had hoped for, and you feel a bit stung by it all and want to try again. Our journeys with capturing our lives can be complicated, but this is where I hope to change things for you. I believe whole heartedly that getting professional photography done should be fun! Whether I’m the 100th or 1st photographer you’ve worked with, I want to have fun with you. Seriously! I like to like my clients. There, I said it. I like to enjoy being around the people I work with, and I think you should really love your photographer, too. There’s a vulnerability in photography that makes most of us anxious. We’re bearing ourselves to be captured.. Our journeys, our bodies, our faces, our emotions, our relationships.. There’s a reason many people hate being photographed; It’s a vulnerable place to be. I want every single client that steps in front of me to feel like, Ahh, it’s just Rachel, I don’t need to be nervous. I can trust Rachel. She will make sure I look great. She will capture the good stuff. She will direct me if she sees me struggling. She will cheer for me when she sees me getting comfortable and dropping some genuine smiles and laughs. Rachel will take care of me.

That’s my goal! I wanna take care of you and make you love your experience and your photos SO much that you’re like, there might be other photographer-fish in the sea, but this one, she’s definitely a keeper.


Let’s grab a coffee or a phone call and chat about what your perfect photo session looks like.

I’m crazy excited to meet you and get some amazing photos!

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