This milk bath session is SO very special to me, because this little boy is so special to me! I take great pride and bragging rights in the fact that I was instrumental in introducing his Mommy and Daddy. Basically Carter, you’re welcome. HA! Not only is he the son of two cherished friends that fell in love, he is also a rainbow baby for his parents. He was growing and wiggling in his Momma’s belly while I was also carrying MY rainbow baby, Hugo. Carter is SO so SO special because he represents so many promises and good things that Jesus has for us!

Enough of my sap, though, let’s talk about how many bananas Carter ate.. or maybe it’s better to let the pictures do the talking.. or, do the eating?..

When the banana touches your soul, hahaha. Carter loves food as much as I do. Solidarity, little man. A big, huge, colossal, snuggly thank you to Carter and his Mommy and Daddy for allowing me to capture this special milestone of milk to big boy foods for Carter’s birthday!