Every profession has things that people get excited by; Nurses love a good, easy-to-stick vein, make-up artists love a canvas of beautiful skin to work with, and newborn photographers LOVE BABIES WITH HAIR. Maybe not EVERY newborn photographer, but I love hairy babies enough to compensate for those that don’t. Babies with a lot of hair aren’t any more beautiful than babies lacking in the hair department (gosh I love little baldies with their invisible peach fuzz hair) but they’re not something we see as often, so they become a unicorn of sorts. So if your baby looks like she was born wearing a hair piece, I’m gonna need you to bring her to me pretty much yesterday. ASAP. Gimme your hairy babies.

Liam clearly had ideas of how his session would go, and they didn’t line up with mine and his parents ideas at all. And everyone knows that the baby runs the session. So to my great dismay (read extreme excitement) I got to do TWO sessions with little Liam to make sure I got the gallery I wanted to present to his parents. And OH my gosh. He was even cuter the second time around (how did he change so much in just 5 days?)

Please enjoy these photos of this chunky monkey, toupee wearing baby as much as I do! #NotAHairPiece #HeWokeUpLikeThis